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Picture of Photo Mugs

Photo Mugs


Product description

Print your photo, logo or massage on a bright white in colour and with a high gloss finish on a 10 oz dishwasher safe, ceramic mug.

Print area : 90mm deep x 205mm wide

1 mug : £8
6 mugs : £7 each
12 mugs : £5 each
24 mugs : £4.50 each
48 mugs : £4 each

Delivered FREE within five days via post (Guernsey only). Select 'First Class' in the basket for UK shipping.

Selling or giving mugs away at an event all lead back to one thing, brand awareness.

Picture the scene. You are visiting a potential new supplier or customer and they hand you your cup of coffee in a mug branded with your competitions name on it! Or worse still, picture this… somebody is drinking their coffee out our YOUR mug!

We print on mugs using a system called sublimation.  The image is printed in reverse on a specially treated paper (using special inks) and is transfered via a very high heat to the ceramic in the mug. The heat applied makes the ink go straight to gas without becoming liquid and therefore becomes part of the mug's structure. This ensures bright colours that will never fade or scratch.